Embrace your dreams

here you are world~

In my perfect world, I would be encouraging others to see their true potential. Unlocking their hidden truths, and helping them heal; to live the life they are able to live. Since my mom’s passing, my focus has been aiding others in spiritual guidance vs Mary Kay guidance. I would ideally like to do it all but I have lacked confidence in the Mary Kay world. I just feel there is so much more I have to offer. I loved the intimate moments I shared with my mom as her caregiver. I would even consider working for Hospice. I want to help others find their center, their zen, their voice, their truth. I want to help others find themselves. The beauty of themselves, the beauty of every aspect of their journey.

One of the things that literally eats me is that I promised my mom I would keep doing both MK and spiritual coaching/guidance. I know both Mary Kay and spiritual coaching/self-development are on my life path.   I talked about this in depth with her and she saw the same in me. She had me promise her I would write a book about spiritual enlightenment, the things I’ve seen, and the things she had seen. I promised her I would write her story, and I am. In the last year, I have struggled with writing this beautiful story about a woman’s wonderful journey, without this woman here to see it to completion; but she is here. 

I  have spent so much time writing, listening. I have been living by listening, to the spirit and the inner compass. I dove head first into Reiki, and I am loving how that ties in perfectly with everything I am doing. When you have a dream in your heart, and you can see it, you should be able to feel emotions associated with achieving this dream. When I see myself doing these things, and when I am doing these things, I feel a great sense of joy. Joy for helping others learn more about themselves and grow on their journey of self-discovery.




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