Green 1/19/17

The heart knows what the eyes can not see. Your journey often brings you full circle. What in your life needs tending and what area of your life does your heart not feel “all in”? Change how you are looking at it and see from a different place. You are here for a reason. Where… Continue Reading →

Purple 1/17/17

Take time today to be thankful for where you are and everything you are experiencing. If there is a problem you are stuck on, show it gratitude. Respond with eyes to see and ears to hear. There are no coincidences.  Remember, if you don’t like something you have the power within you to change. The gifts… Continue Reading →

Yellow 1/16/17

Today we are focusing on what is on your mind. Are you happy? How can you invite happiness into your world? FIND JOY!!!!  Remembering to smile, laugh, joke.. have fun. Not taking things so seriously. Being present in each moment, but TRULY being present!  If you are feeling detached from reality a bit or not “all… Continue Reading →

Set your intention

I would suggest having a fresh notebook for this. Perhaps a Folder on Google Drive. Basically, I want you to have this ‘healing’ business all by itself. I want you to be able to reflect and only see this stuff. Whatever your tool is, have a tool just for healing exercises. This is going to be… Continue Reading →