Review: 5.99 Fashion

What is it? is a website where EVERYTHING is $5.99 or less! This site has stuff for everyone (men,women, kids) They have a variety of clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, etc.  Okay guys… we all know I love a good deal, so when I heard about this site I HAD TO CHECK IT OUT! Seriously, there is… Continue Reading →

How to: Cleaning your Beauty Blender

How to: Cleaning your Beauty Blender

You guys, I am in love with my beauty blender! I use it everyday for a flawless foundation application. I prefer a beauty blender to a basic sponge for several reasons. First, beauty blenders are reusable unlike the triangular sponges. Second, the beauty blender is a rounded sponge versus a square-triangular sponge- it gives you a perfect application. I… Continue Reading → Haul & Review Haul & Review

Recently, Laura alerted me to the existence of the website The absolute first thing that should be noted about Miss A is that everything on the site is only $1. I was absolutely floored about this, and luckily, I was in the need for a few cosmetics. You can’t beat the price of $1,… Continue Reading →

Look of the Day #14

Today was my first time trying out the Lunatick Cosmetic Labs LLC AlieNEON palette and I am thoroughly impressed with the color payoff of this eyeshadow! It was tricky adjusting my camera settings to convey how bright this makeup appears in reality, but the dayglo colors of this line are absolutely stunning! I wear a… Continue Reading →