Four lookalikes

Dream Information provided

I’m at a supermarket and I’m buying chocolate and the guy in front of me is paying for my stuff like it offered to do it. I real like I know the person but I never see his face. And then it goes to me stepping outside liking for him. But there is four people that look alike. I’m trying to figure out which one is my person. Then he stands up out of the four and says something along the lines of “didn’t you know it was me” and the dream ends. Also the four look alike were dressed in black with a red streak in their black hair.

My interpretation

The lighting described suggests this is just an enlightenment dream of something you already know. The supermarket represents decisions being made or needing to be made for short term wants/needs. Consider your basic needs (love, belonging, security, shelter, etc) 

Buying chocolate suggests treating yourself to something good- self-pleasure or self-reward. Wanting to do good for yourself. To have someone else be buying this for you suggests being open to allowing others to do things for you. To not see his face suggests indecision or not knowing what it is you are wanting in your waking life. Not making a choice. 

To dream that you are leaving one space and entering another (outside) suggests being open to new opportunities. For it to be a sunny day, suggests positivity and affirmation- encouragement of not being stuck in one specific thought pattern.  The number 4 represents stability, balance, and the sacrifice of negativity. This is suggestive that there is something negative in your life that is causing chaos and unpredictability. For the person to stand up in such a way suggests standing up for what is on your mind and making a choice. You don’t need to sit by and passively watch things unfold.  

Hair in dreams often reflects one’s own thinking style or thought patterns. To see four lookalikes, dressed in black with black hair with a red streak is very interesting. This suggests that your subconscious is trying to show you that your thoughts or mindset have been out of balance. Your thoughts on a situation have been fearful, depression, and perhaps angry. To see both black and red together reflects strong fear or negativity. This can also symbolize struggling with the worst thing you’ve dealt with in your life.

Overall I feel this dream has encouraging messages and encouragement that you are capable of dealing with what is right in front of you though it may be overwhelming.

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