Dream Information provided:

In this dream, I was seeing a guy (I am a gal) for quite some time. He was shorter than me and had quite a large build. I found him physically attractive even though he was the polar opposite of me (I am tall and thin). He reminded me of a mix of people from reality – A manager of a restaurant I liked, that I had previously met to ask for employment (over a year ago). Also, a DJ/producer that I have been listening to. Although I have mentioned physical appearance first, I was mostly attracted to his laid back and calm but also exciting & passionate personality.So we were getting to know each other more, chilling (it was someone’s apartment), talking, enjoying silences, intimate moments – kissing, touching, but nothing more. We were both gentle, subtle, and classy. I was internally delighted that I had met someone was not pressuring me to have sex or get sexual with. In addition, I didn’t feel strange around him for having introverted tendencies (quiet, slow to warm up to others). So I felt very safe with this guy (a big deal). This guy was a dream (no pun intended). It was a damn nice dream for a while.Then it took a turn. He started drinking alcohol whilst we were chilling. (I don’t drink alcohol). I didn’t have a problem with him drinking, but the he started getting aggressive and violent and I was caught in the crossfire. He started pushing me around, getting angry and behaving like a moron. Complete personality change. I was not badly physically hurt because I could defend my self a bit, and tried to stay out of the storm. However, I felt shattered because that these beautiful and rare moments we shared had flipped upside down like that.I was torn between considering whether to end this short-lived relationship or not because of this huge red flag. I wasn’t sure whether to end things because of the lovely times, and cause people aren’t perfect – I could see where he was coming from, as some laid back/easy going folk have repressed anger, so I’m this case it revealed itself under the influence of alcohol. Another part of me didn’t want to tolerate any bs w h a t s o e v e r ! In the end, I can’t remember what happened. The dream transitioned to me visiting my mother (but I think that the start of another dream).So, what’s this all about? – Thanks for reading.Glad it helped and didn’t ramble too much :P1. It was evening in a dimly lit living room/lounge area2. The room pretty much remained the same in this dream, but there was lots of context to get to that point. I didn’t dream about the context – it was already there somehow. It did change at the end when I mentioned I went to see my mother.

My interpretation

First let me just say I really appreciate the amount of detail you put into this. It really helps me get a full picture of things. You described the setting for your dream as evening, in the living room of someone’s apartment, dimly lit or backlit from another room. To dream about evening hours, suggests the end of a cycle, or end of a pattern. The sun setting on a problem. Think of it as, when one door closes, another opens. 

You mentioned an apartment which suggests the dream is to give you perspective on a situation where you feel you do not have full independence. It’s like you have stability and security but not full control. Additionally, to dream of a living room suggests you have been comfortable in accepting things as they are- not in a hurry to change things. Ironically, the lighting suggests a desire or wish to avoid looking too deeply at an issue.

The dream initially highlights healthy relationships that show support towards you, providing comfort, safety, security, and encouragement.  You described this person as being a mix of people you know in your waking life. The important thing for you to focus on is what character, or personality traits/quirks do these people have in common? These types of traits are ones that you are drawn to in a person. Also, do you see any of these traits in yourself?

Talking, or getting to know someone in the way described suggests  being totally immersed into a situation or idea that you may not be noticing a problem at hand  that is right in front of you to enjoy the moment. Think of it as the honeymoon phase. This suggests connecting with yourself, and self love- or self-encouragement in some way. 

As you were in this safe place, he started to drink alcohol, aggressive, violent etc. This represents the fear of losing yourself or losing control in a situation. You may be having some inner conflict with certain aspects of your life that you wish you could easily change. You may also be feeling pressure to change or not knowing how to act or how to be. This is a reminder that you can only control your own actions and emotions. This is also an invitation to be kind to yourself, and honoring your feelings. 

The transition where you are going to see your mom, suggests self-love or inner guidance. Listening to your inner voice and following your gut. You do not need to seek validation for what your heart already knows to be true. This is about honoring yourself by following that first gut instinct.

Please remember to use this information responsibly.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. I am sending you distant reiki healing, used for your highest good. Additionally, I have also included chakra affirmations below to aid you in your journey.  I value your feedback and would love to hear from you. 

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