The situation to which your reading is in regards to

[Emotion]Service: This card tells us that your reading is in regards to being of service to others.  Observe your feelings in relation to being of service to others- How can you find peace in being of service?

What you need to know emotionally from this situation

[throat] Expansion Reversed: Expansion is a destiny card that focuses on the throat chakra. This card is a reminder that that your ability to grow is limitless. You have the ability to teach others or help others with your knowledge. When in a new season of life, it is important to surround yourself with like-minded people that can encourage your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. 

To see Expansion reversed is a reminder that when we enter a new season, we may not have the support we desire. You may even notice friendships fizzling out or not being nurtured as they once were. The important message here is to respectfully speak your truth, or what you are feeling.

You have learned so much already, but you are still in a season of growth. While you may be ready to lead the way or be of service to others, it is important to also remember to support yourself.

What you need to overcome in relation to this situation

[heart] Growth Reversed: The growth card is valuing who you are and what you are doing. This is a card about authenticity and allowing yourself to find courage in who you are or what truth lies within your heart. 

To see growth reversed suggest there could be a challenge with being authentic with fear of how others may respond to this dream in your heart. 

Others may not agree or follow what your heart is telling you- that is okay! Everything will unfold as it is meant to, those who are meant to support you in your journey will remain. 

While you may experience some setbacks, remember, you are still growing. This is an affirmation of finding peace and courage within yourself. Believe in who you are and what it is you are manifesting. When you demonstrate courage in yourself, others will learn from your example. 

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