We all have gifts.

Eyes to see
Ears to hear
Tongue to taste
Nose to smell
Hands to touch

The question really is, do you allow your eyes to see?

I start off each morning asking for eyes to see and ears to hear. Part of this has to do with prayer and devotional time but another part is just silence and meditation. Daily Renewal has to do with messages I get that I need to pass on to others. If the title of the daily renewal has a color in it, that is based off of balancing the chakras. Below you will find my ‘definitions’ or chakra explained.

Red – The foundation of your house. How stable you are- are your feet firmly planted on the ground? 

Orange- Emotions and how we relate to them. 

Yellow- Intellect. What are you thinking about? What is on your mind

Green- Wisdom of the heart. Your heart speaks truth

Blue- Expression. How do you use your voice? 

Purple- Intuition. Learn to have eyes to see, what can not be seen. 

Neutral- Higher minded thinking when aligned with general Spirit.


Posts under the healing tab have to do with general exercises to open yourself up to your higher self-awareness.

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