Root Chakra: Imagine the roots of a tree. What you see here is something deeply rooted in you, and the basis for this reading. Requires growth in order to sustain intentions. Completion

When one door closes another door opens. Completion is an invitation to new beginnings allowing space for growth and new adventure. Honor where you have been but allow yourself to grow and move on.

Sacral Chakra: Emotional state formed in your root chakra. How your emotions are either supporting you or blocking you. Observe your feelings when reading this card. Service represents an energetic change. This card is a sacral card, making this message one you really need to hear.  When we live in a way where we are freely giving and serving others we often forget to serve ourselves as well. 

Solar Plexus Chakra: Your thought process or ability to be guided by instinct. How are your thoughts in relation to your emotions, in relation to your root problem? Facade

is about a false sense of self or personality formed in a way of protecting oneself from potential hurt. This is a solar plexus card, making this message one you really need to hear. It can mean living in a way where you feel you have to hide who you are from others. The invitation of facade is that you are loved, just as you are. You are free to be yourself.

Heart Chakra: Where your heart is at. You may see hidden things that have been holding you back. What you see here needs to be healed. Expansion is a destiny card and can indicate removing negative energy that you may be holding onto. People who you hold close to your heart should be a support system of growth. Seeing you as you are, and supporting your ideas and desires, should they be for your highest good. This is also a message about opening yourself up to others in a way of supporting yourself.

Throat Chakra: Your ability to communicate the truth in your heart. This includes self-expression or the law of attraction. What you put out, you will get back.  Gossip reversed which signals a personal crossroads. The fable of gossip is essentially not knowing what one had until it is gone. However, to see it reversed indicates you are free to live your life and not to let others perceptions take root. You do not need to defend yourself to those who seek answers, but an opportunity to  branch out and share your story with those who are close to your heart.

Third-eye Chakra: Your intuition- ability to follow your inner compass. Isolation reversed is a powerful card indicating a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. Though it may feel uncomfortable or awkward, the invitation here is to follow your intuition and allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone.

Crown Chakra: Universal life force, connection and/or message from spirit, universe, God. Enlightenment. Perfection reversed is a spiritual breakthrough card about personal acceptance. The message here is one of loving yourself just as you are, and recognizing you are exactly who you are supposed to be. 

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