Yellow 5/25/17

Every day you have choices to make. Today it is okay to give up the part of you that is being someone you are not. Intellectually you know exactly what I am talking about. Connect with your inner child today. It is okay to smile, laugh, joke and have fun. Everything will work out. Don’t… Continue Reading →

Blue 5/24/17

Do you know the difference between isolation and solitude? What have you been missing out on? Do not wait for the right moment,  because the right moment may never come. You may never feel ready. You may never feel comfortable enough. Part of beginning a new chapter is facing the fears you have that are holding… Continue Reading →

Inner Child Meditation

Whenever I start to talk to someone about spiritual awareness, I suggest doing a guided meditation. This is a great way to begin opening yourself up to hearing, seeing and knowing. My favorite guided meditation for starting your healing journey is the Inner Child is by Jason Stephenson. You can do this 17-minute meditation dozens… Continue Reading →

Blue 5/6/17

Today is a day to speak your truth, even if that truth is bittersweet. Holding onto this negative energy is not helping you in any way. When you release this energy, you will feel better, though speaking your truth may be hard. Your ears have already heard what you need to do. This is your… Continue Reading →