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Once upon a time, and not that long ago Beauty-Lore was launched by two sisters from Minnesota share to share beauty.

BEAUTY; the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit

LORE::  something that is learned: a : knowledge gained through study or experience b : traditional knowledge or belief


Meet Laura

My husband Dominick and I have three daughters. One of my favorite things about being a Domestic Goddess is the ability to be carefree and maintain a child-like spirit. So many people lose touch with their inner child as we get older. I love to paint, draw, play “guys”, sing, dance, play video games… it’s a good time. I have been in the beauty industry since Cosmetology school in 2008. I have worked in salons up until becoming a Domestic Goddess and stay at home mom in 2011. I loved my job and my clients. They trusted me- not only with their hair but with their stories. You are a part of history. There is only one you, and I want to know you. I want to know your story. I can tell you all I know about hair and makeup but that wouldn’t do anyone any good. You can find that anywhere.  I want to tell you, that beauty is more than that. I want you to know, that your story is worth telling. Makeup is only on the surface. Your beauty runs deep and I want to help you see just how bright you shine.


Education ~

Certified Reiki Practitioner
Shoden April 21 2018
Okuden May 2018
Chakra Healing Skill Success April 2017
Social Media Marketing Expert Rating January 2017
Cosmetology Scot Lewis Schools August 2009-  Cosmetology Operator current
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy January 2017



Meet Jenno


I have been a designer, developer, and illustrator for over a decade. I specialize in sci-fi design, horror work, and vintage/retro-futurist themed projects. I maintain the backend development of the Beauty Lore site. My main portfolio can be viewed over at Sci-Fi Guru.


I am a makeup hobbyist and credit my knowledge due to the guidance and experience of my sister, Laura. I’m a huge sci-fi nerd and geek (I love Star Wars and Star Trek equally), collect tin robots and love shopping for vintage, retro, and gothic looks.