Four lookalikes

Dream Information provided I’m at a supermarket and I’m buying chocolate and the guy in front of me is paying for my stuff like it offered to do it. I real like I know the person but I never see his face. And then it goes to me stepping outside liking for him. But there… Continue Reading →


Dream Information provided The dream that I had last night was a bit weird and pretty funny as I found myself laughing in my sleep. I was back in middle school in my 7th grade class. My best friend at the time in the dream acted as a witch or practiced witchcraft and she sent… Continue Reading →


Dream Information provided: In this dream, I was seeing a guy (I am a gal) for quite some time. He was shorter than me and had quite a large build. I found him physically attractive even though he was the polar opposite of me (I am tall and thin). He reminded me of a mix… Continue Reading →

I’m out

Someone and I were in a bedroom sitting on a bed, the blanket was a grayish color. Then we started hearing footsteps upstairs but we thought we were alone and for some reason, I got up and I had an old beat-up shoe..the shoe was so beat up that duck tape was holding it together… Continue Reading →

Animals and Ex

Dream Information I dreamt that I was renovating a house with my significant other, I don’t remember who it was (boyfriend or soon to be ex-husband). There was a knock on the door and it was an appliance company delivering new kitchen appliances. But when we opened the door they also had Linxs and an… Continue Reading →

Celebrity yard sale

Dream Information we’re sitting outside and I’m selling something with my god-son like a small yard sale. and he pulls up a seat and starts talking and saying whatever we needed he’d be happy to help! Then we talk more casually and I couldn’t quite hear about what! Until he said something along the lines… Continue Reading →

Grandma’s House

My grandma died a couple of years ago after I had lived with her for 6 months. I came home and during the month I was gone she passed away cause something went wrong with her oxygen machine and she couldn’t breathe. I feel like you should know that before telling you the dream.So I’ve… Continue Reading →