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The dream that I had last night was a bit weird and pretty funny as I found myself laughing in my sleep.

I was back in middle school in my 7th grade class. My best friend at the time in the dream acted as a witch or practiced witchcraft and she sent several of our classmates into different times of space or dimensions in which they were different characters. Now the only student who I remember from the dream was another former classmate of mine.

My friend had turned her into a “Grinch” like creature. In the dream she could shoot some sort of laser out of her eyes and was chasing some boys around a cafeteria or library.

Now when my friend who was the “witch” character returned everyone back to our dimension as their regular selves. The girl who was the “Grinch” was walking up the stairs looking really upset and my friend asked me, “Why is she upset?” and I answered “She’s upset because you turned her into a “GRINCELER.” We laughed in the dream and I found myself laughing in my sleep and then I woke up.

After I had this dream I tried to research what a grinceler was and nothing came up other than a tumblr comment. I deciphered that a grinceler could be a combo between the grinch and a onceler. It’s very strange.

I havent spoken to my former friend in years since we graudated middle school, and I understand that Venus is retrograde in Gemini and we may be thinking about people from our past, however I’m certain we wont be in contact with each other. This dream is a bit silly but do you any explanations behind it? Thanks!

My Interpretation

This dream is more of an awareness dream. I have the symbols broken down but they are all very similar. Dreams of being back in middle school generally connect with social concern, insecurity, anxiety, and worry. This brings the message of there may be something in your waking life that you are sensitive about or concerned with. 

Dreams of witches in the way you described suggests focus on things that others may do that you have no control over. Specifically, hyper-focus on how someone else may be manipulating a situation. 

The cafeteria is a symbol of awareness and community. For this to be in middle school, it’s important to also shine a light on how others are focused on one another.

The library represents a desire for knowledge, and truth. The lasers and chasing through these areas tells me you are hyper-focused on a situation that you desire to know the truth on.

Your description of the ‘Grincler’ being a onceler-grinch hybrid of sorts has me break down those two symbols in themselves. So we know a onceler is greedy, selfish, will do anything for money and they don’t care about the environment. Now we look at the grinch, the grinch is greedy, insensitive, lacks empathy and lives in isolation.

Walking up the stairs, is awareness, enlightenment, higher knowledge, and intuition. When the witch friend brings everything back to normal, with the Grinch friend being upset, as it is not who they really are; tells me that there is a person or situation that is being manipulated in a way that is not who they are OR not who they want to be. 

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