Remember The Phoenix

I have spent a significant amount of time writing, offline. In fact, I have been offline in general, living in each moment. Today’s chapter I am sharing for my mom.  As today would have been her 60th birthday. Whenever I start to talk to someone about spiritual awareness, I suggest guided meditation. This is a great way to begin opening yourself up to hearing, seeing and knowing. For those of you who do not know what guided meditation is, lemmie tell you. This guy, in… Continue Reading →

Grandma’s House

My grandma died a couple of years ago after I had lived with her for 6 months. I came home and during the month I was gone she passed away cause something went wrong with her oxygen machine and she couldn’t breathe. I feel like you should know that before telling you the dream.So I’ve… Continue Reading →

Estranged Daughter

It was outside and I saw my daughter (estranged) with black hoodie, glasses and short blonde hair with her baby. We went inside and it was darker, there was a couch we sat on and I was able to hold her son- he was baby- i didn’t see him as a baby- and he was… Continue Reading →

Bitterness- Sacral Chakra

Today we are looking at the sacral chakra or how we communicate our emotions. Imagine this: There are two children (child A and child B) playing together in the land of make-believe. The storyline is adventurous and you can hear their laughter and fun. An older third child (child C) asks if they can join their game,… Continue Reading →

Weekend of wedding~

Weekend of wedding~

Post delays~ My younger sister Jesi is getting married (6/15/18) and we have spent the weekend wedding dress shopping~ AND SHE ASKED ME TO BE HER MATRON OF HONOR I AM SO EXCITE~!!!!!!!!! Posts will resume as scheduled Monday. Sorry for delays!   Continue Reading →