Mary Kay Look of the Day

I’m excited to be trying out Mary Kay Cosmetics! This is the first look I’ve made with a (nearly) full face of MK makeup.

I’ve been a die-hard user of Kat Von D foundation for years, and it’s nice to have finally found another line that not only matches my (difficult) skin tone (1Y01 at Sephora), but actually even feels better on my skin than the KVD did.  KVD’s foundation is notoriously heavy (Laura and I jokingly refer to this as our “morgue makeup”, though it probably could legit be used for that…) and it’s incredible how MK feels in comparison.  My skin doesn’t feel heavy, and it actually feels like it can breathe again!  IS THIS REAL LIFE?

(Mostly) Mary Kay Face

Here is what I am wearing:

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