Color Oops: At Home Color Removal

Have you been coloring your hair forever and want to go lighter with as ? Did you color your hair and it ended up being too dark? Color remover might be the answer to your problems! It is a gentle alternative to lightening your hair with bleach. It is both affordable and has minimal damage! Note, this “alternative” does not work for everyone!

(Before color remover level, 1A . After level 5/6!)

What is color removal?

Color removal is exactly what it sounds like. Removing color you have previously applied to your hair! There are a couple different ways to do this. The first way, that is the most common is lightening your hair with bleach. While this is an okay solution and might be necessary at times that isn’t always the case. Lightening your hair with bleach, even when done by a professional can be very damaging to your hair. Color removal products remove artificial color from your hair with little to no damage. So, if you are looking to lighten your colored hair yourself, this is a great way to start the process.

When I decided to remove the color in my hair, I wanted to make sure I was choosing a product that would be available to everyone. What good would a product review be if the product was only available to professionals? That wouldn’t be cool. After doing plenty of research, I decided to go with “Color Oops: Extreme Strength”.

coloroops(Available at Ulta and Target!)

This product advertises that it will restore your hair to it’s natural hair color. After reading some of the reviews both before and after there are a couple of points I want to make before I get into this further.

Let’s say….

  • Your hair is brittle, damaged, or breaking. While this is “minimal to no damage” if you hair is already damaged neither color remover or lightening with bleach is a good idea. Do not use this product if your hair is in poor health. If you aren’t sure if your hair is healthy you could ask your stylist the next time you get a haircut. Let them know what you were thinking of doing.
  • You have been coloring your hair for years (especially with permanent color) do not expect for your hair to magically return to it’s normal color in one application (or for it to be one even color!). It may take 2-3 applications, maybe more. Do not do more than 3 applications in a row. Give your hair a break!
  • You have tried 2-3 applications and it still isn’t pulling out all of the color. Your next step would be to lighten it with bleach. This can turn ugly fast, so really DIY lightening with bleach is a “use at your own risk”. The great thing about this product is you can color your hair the same day as the application. I would use a semi-permenant color from Sally’s in the meantime. Give your hair a few deep conditioners and wait a week or so if you can.
  • You have used colors such as pink, blue, green, purple etc in your hair it will not remove it. sorry guys!
  • Your hair has been bleached it will not bring you back to your natural color. Let’s say your hair is naturally dark brown. You bleached it a year ago, and since have gone to a medium to light brown. This will not bring you back to your natural color because you have lightened it. The most it will do for you is bring you back to the level you were with the bleach. You could easily use this to remove the unwanted artificial tones and color your hair as close to your natural color as possible.


  1. Make sure your hair is completely dry
  2. Comb or brush your hair! You want an even application of this product.
  3. After you have on gloves, combine bottles 1 and 2, shake gently for about 30 seconds. It will probably explode a little so be careful when you remove your finger from the cap.
  4. Apply product quickly and evenly to desired areas. This means make sure all areas are completely saturated with the product.
  5. Put on the shower cap, and put a towel on top of the shower cap. This will keep the heat in and helps pull the color buildup faster.
  6. Set your timer for 2o minutes. Do not leave it on longer than 20 minutes. 
  7. Rinse your hair thoroughly for 10-15 minutes, shave your legs or something in the meantime? 
  8. Shampoo your hair 2-3 times. I would suggest using a clarifying shampoo. This will help pull out the color. If you do not rinse or shampoo enough you risk the color staying on the hairshaft and going back in your cuticle.
  9. If you are not planning on doing a second application you can condition your hair. If you plan on doing a second application I would skip conditioning your hair. Shampoo opens up your hair cuticle and conditioner seals it again. When the cuticle is left open it is easier to remove color from your hair.

Would you recommend this product?
Absolutely! I went into this knowing how much color build up was in my hair, so honestly I had low expectations. Though it did not bring me back to my natural color and level it still made a significant difference! I am really pleased with the results I got! Check out my video review!

unnamed (1)
How awesome is this? Color Oops shared my video on their Facebook page!
Have you tried Color Oops? Share your story below! I’d love to hear from you!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns do not hesitate to ask!

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  1. Are you able to immediately dye it a different color after using Color Oops? I saw someone mention that your hair is too porous immediately after using it…and if you try to dye it with light brown dye, for example, it turns out black. I’m asking because I’ve seen others say Color Oops can leave your hair brassy and you may want to dye over that with something more your natural color. Thanks for any info/advice!

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