How to: Cleaning your Beauty Blender

You guys, I am in love with my beauty blender! I use it everyday for a flawless foundation application. I prefer a beauty blender to a basic sponge for several reasons. First, beauty blenders are reusable unlike the triangular sponges. Second, the beauty blender is a rounded sponge versus a square-triangular sponge- it gives you a perfect application. I am about ready to purchase a new one but I thought I would show you how to clean this out in its current state.

How to use a Beauty Blender:

First things first I thought I would say when you use a beauty blender in general you want to make sure it is wet and it’s full-size. To do this simply run it in water until it fills up all the way with water. Squeeze out water and gently use a towel soak up excess. You want it to be slightly damp when you use it for your make up application so your make up doesn’t absorb into it as much.

Why Clean it?

It is very important to clean any tool that touches your face. This includes any eyeshadow brushes, foundation brushes etc. Product builds up in the tools as well as oils, dirt and bacteria. The more build up in your tools the more likely you are to have skin problems like redness or breakouts. I usually clean my beauty blender after each use (or before I use it), I gently clean my tools after each use and deep clean them once a week.

Things you will need:

  • 1. Your Beauty Blender
  • 2. A dry towel
  • 3. Warm-hot water
  • 4. Original Dawn dish soap- I like using Dawn because it is a gentle soap that removes grease and oil quickly. Be sure it is the blue original Dawn as it has nothing added to it that would counter what you are trying to do (You can use other cleansers but do not use baby shampoo! It will ruin your BB!!) 


How to:

  1. Run the beauty blender under warm to hot water until it is full-size, do not remove excess water.
  2. Put Dawn in your hand about the size of a penny and lightly roll the beauty blender in it. Roll it in your hands and then gently squeeze- you will immediately see the water is dirty with the product.
  3. Rinse out with warm water, squeeze out excess. Do this a few times. If the water is still dirty, repeat step two.
  4. Once the water runs clean lightly squeeze to remove excess water. Grab your towel and roll out any other excess water. Once your BB starts to rip or tear it is time to replace it. These usually last around four months.

Let me know your thoughts. What is your FAVORITE application tool?


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