Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

I have been in a weekly course through our church following Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and I truly feel everyone should read this book/do this workbook.
What I gather both from this course and from my own experience:
In order to grow spiritually, we have to grow in emotional maturity.
maturity; fully developed
immaturity; having or showing emotional or intellectual development appropriate to someone younger.
Two simple words we all seem to use yet, how can one ever be fully developed? Especially in terms of Emotional or Spiritual maturity. I feel this is a never-ending journey. A journey a lot of us never even start to walk down which is horrifying in itself. 
  1. Focusing on why you are right and the other person is wrong
  2. Running away from problems
  3. Avoiding certain situations because they make us feel uncomfortable
  4. Self-focused
  5. Blaming others
Rather than trying to change the world and everyone in it, start with trying to change yourself. 
  1. Stand as if you are the other person and see things from their point of view.
  2. Run towards the problem, try to seek peace.
  3. If the situation makes you uncomfortable for reasons other than personal safety, maybe you should go and grow.
  4. Does for others makes the time to make others feel important.
  5. Recognizing we are often part of the problem.

I had a dream a year ago about patterns repeating. I really took the time to look at my family tree on both sides and noticed patterns that I was experiencing that were also dealt with in previous generations. What lesson was missed? What was not learned? If we do not take the time to grow in both spiritual and emotional maturity these patterns will continue to repeat. Over. and Over. and OVER again.

Chose to live in a way where you are not the center, chose to heal the past. If you do not face your own problems, your problems will continue. Not only in your personal life, but also in those who follow after you. Aren’t your future generations worth that? This course was really affirming to me of things I already had an idea of, but I had not found books or known how to google that, or even took the time lets be honest #momlife. Overall, I would suggest it to you. For a better tomorrow.


Psalm 62

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