LP- Hear this message

My mom wanted me to write a book. She asked me to write about specific events, specific experiences- where she, where we, have been guided in spirit. Tonight, and each night that I write these stories, each night I listen to her voice I have peace. I have joy. I have gratitude. Though these stories are some of the hardest to write- I know, I see, I feel, they are stories meant to be written. These are stories, in time, that will be shared.
Tonight, hear this message loud and clear-
Surrender all of your troubles to God- you don’t know who is on your path or for what purpose. Ask God how you can encourage others- how you can lift others up with words of love and kindness. Look for the good in every single day. In every single moment.  Be kind to one another. Life is too short. Just sayin’
Thank you mom.

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