Happy birthday Alyssa!!!

I never realized how fast time went until I met your sweet face. My first little cub. You amaze me every day. Your smile, your giggle. Your ability to overcome. To know it’s okay to pause and keep going.   You are such a caring friend. You have a beautiful heart and soul. You are… Continue Reading →

Happy birthday mom!

Today is my mom’s birthday! My mom really didn’t like when people did what I am doing right now. This was one of those, “When I’m gone you better not” moments. My mom wouldn’t want you to be sad. Smile. Laugh. Joke. HAVE FUN. She does not want anyone to sit around being a sad… Continue Reading →

Set your intention

I would suggest having a fresh notebook for this. Perhaps a Folder on Google Drive. Basically, I want you to have this ‘healing’ business all by itself. I want you to be able to reflect and only see this stuff. Whatever your tool is, have a tool just for healing exercises. This is going to be… Continue Reading →