Bitterness- Sacral Chakra

Today we are looking at the sacral chakra or how we communicate our emotions.

Imagine this:

There are two children (child A and child B) playing together in the land of make-believe. The storyline is adventurous and you can hear their laughter and fun. An older third child (child C) asks if they can join their game, to which the other two children invite them in and catch them up on the current story they have going. Though child C just started playing, they are disapproving of the current storyline. Child C suggested a completely new storyline, that child A agrees with, upsetting child B. An argument breaks out amongst the group, a place that moments ago harbored laughter now filled with crying and shouting.

It’s easy to recognize that all of the children just want to be heard. Child B communicated their hurt that child A just abandoned their storyline- they really wanted to see what was going to happen. Child A recognized this problem and apologized to child B, there was peace again. Child C communicates their anger that A+B were not willing to play their new storyline. Understanding the problem, child A and B come up with a solution to keep the original storyline, but add in components of child C’s idea.  Child C declined this request for compromise and instead chose to hold onto their anger and bitterness.

My hope is you are able to connect this to a time that you personally needed to be more flexible. Children are easy, flexible and forgiving. Ironically, I feel all adults can learn from young children. When things don’t go our way it’s too easy to get bitter. Being negative does not change the situation, nor does it make you feel any better. You have no control over what others say or do, but you do have control over your own emotions and reactions. 




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