Estranged Daughter

It was outside and I saw my daughter (estranged) with black hoodie, glasses and short blonde hair with her baby. We went inside and it was darker, there was a couch we sat on and I was able to hold her son- he was baby- i didn’t see him as a baby- and he was wearing a light colored receiving blanket. Her husband’s sisters were trying to intervene and my daughter hugged me

Dreaming of your estranged daughter

The fact that your dreams started outside with nonsignificant weather other than it’s daytime tells me that your dream is to bring clarity to a situation. When we move from outside to inside in a dream it tells me that you are looking within yourself deeper in your subconscious.

The fact that you are dreaming of someone that you are estranged from- to me, is a message that you’re missing t

hem even if you’re not actively thinking about them in your waking life. There are ways that you personally need to heal yourself to heal that pain. It’s almost a message to accept what you cannot control, and also to look within yourself.

The way you described your daughter is as if you’re dreaming of how she used to be and this memory of who she once was. The black hoodie ironically is hiding how we really feel or hiding emotions; black is a deeper understanding of your subconscious and it can also represent the potential for a clean slate or forgiveness.It’s the ability to move on from holding on to what was and what could have been. Focusing on what it is. Forgiving in regards to all involved in the situation.

You were able to go inside and hold her baby son, whom you’ve never had a relationship with. Babies, in general, are usually a symbol of new beginnings and vulnerability. You holding this baby is like holding onto a part of life when others were dependant on you more than they are now. It’s okay to feel sad that this dependency no longer exists. The fact that the baby was wearing just a receiving blanket is a desire to care for that person, which makes sense if this is your estranged daughter, and her son, your  grandson whom you’ve never met.

You described your daughters significant others’ sisters attempting to intervene with this connection going on. You might be holding on to some feelings regarding his family tearing you guys apart. It’s important that you forgive his family because in reality your daughter is who communicated anything to begin with- their actions are in response to her words. True or not, it is important to try to understand that in her world, her words are her truth. Are you able to accept that, and forgive that?

I believe that you are hugging your daughter at the end of the dream is a message that you need to allow yourself to feel your emotions in connection with this loss in order to heal.

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