Celebrity yard sale

Dream Information

we’re sitting outside and I’m selling something with my god-son like a small yard sale. and he pulls up a seat and starts talking and saying whatever we needed he’d be happy to help! Then we talk more casually and I couldn’t quite hear about what! Until he said something along the lines of that he liked me (as more than friends) and he began to look bashful and I said oh wow!? How sweet! Michael likes me! And I went to kiss him on the check and in he being awkward I ended up kissing him on the side of his lips! We laughed it off and ultimately told him that I’d catch up with him later that day; and before I woke up from my dream I noticed it was at a different time of day and I was on my way to see him. As, I was leaving a living room I noticed the clock read the numbers 333! Of which I’ve been seeing a lot of in my waking like for the last three months actually! Lol

Recurring dreams are the subconscious minds’ way of saying “Hey, this thing is really important!” though there may be slight variations in the dream the message is consistent.

Dream Interpretation

The main theme of this dream is following what your intuition is trying to tell you. You have beautiful gifts and talents and dream overall is one that radiates positivity.  To dream that you are at a park outside indicates renewal, spirituality, freedom and growth.The lush green grass suggests a higher calling- spiritual guidance or intuition. To dream that you are sitting at a table with a purple table cloth is connected to your third-eye chakra, your intuition, your special gifts. To see things unseen or know things. It acknowledges that you may feel blocked or unsure how to proceed with something. Have confidence is you are taking on something new- trust yourself and follow your intuition for the right path.

To dream that you are selling/fundraising baked goods indicates that you are undergoing changes in your waking life. These changes are not just for your own benefit, others are/will benefit as well. You are learning from your past and making productive use of the lessons you have learned thus far. You are sensitive to others, and have a very caring heart. Your godson in your dream is an affirmation of your sensitivity to others and caring heart as well.The celebrity relationship it is actually a representation of someone you know in your waking life. Consider the qualities or actions that you see in this celebrity- who in your waking life possesses similar qualities? The celebrity representation is also there to suggest success and growth in said relationship. 

When we dream about a living room, the image we see is a representation of basic beliefs about yourself and who you are. This could be both in your conscious state or subconscious. The color yellow is a message of  insight and joy. The greenery you described brings out potential you have, and to follow your heart for growth and development. The bohemian, earthy theme, brings attention to your lightheartedness dependability, compassion, thoughtfulness and kindness. The analog clock is one of urgency, and the time on the clock 3:33 suggests your spiritual gifts. This is what is considered an angel number. To see this number frequently is not by any coincidence- it is a message to develop your abilities and use them to help others.

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