Animals and Ex

Dream Information

I dreamt that I was renovating a house with my significant other, I don’t remember who it was (boyfriend or soon to be ex-husband). There was a knock on the door and it was an appliance company delivering new kitchen appliances. But when we opened the door they also had Linxs and an array of birds. We tried to tell them we didn’t want the animals but they said we had to keep them. I remember my ex-husband’s phone number on the form from the company. So side note: I’m deathly afraid of birds, all birds. Linx are aggressive so I’m also afraid of those. Whoever was there (my boyfriend or ex) wasn’t mad about me buying these animals.  All the animals were released and it was very hectic. Then I woke up.

To dream of home improvements or renovating a house represents changes to the way you normally think, or overhauling outdated ideas or behaviors. Self-improvement or improving the way you normally go about solving problems. Making changes to your usual methods of dealing with people. Making a big change so that you never concern yourself with a problem ever again. Expanding your way of thinking. It may also reflect your attempt to make big changes to yourself to feel better about yourself.

Renovating a kitchen may represent new ways of preparing for future situations. The delivery represents your expectations that experience or solution to a problem will soon be yours, while the knocking brings attention to feelings about a problem that can’t be ignored anymore.

Animals symbolize the untamed and uncivilized aspects of yourself. While you mentioned you have a fear of birds in your conscious state, birds are a symbol for liberation, escaping boundaries and limitations.  A symbol for progress towards wholeness and harmony. The birds are your goals, aspirations, and hopes. Ironically, caged birds represent confinement or feelings of being restricted. Your comfort zone is no longer serving you, and it is limiting your full potential. The lynx represents not feeling scared or threatened until the issue is close at hand. Feeling total emptiness from someone or something after first believing it to be gentle or easy. To see these animals in this way is a loving message 

The significance of your ex-husband’s phone number on the form represents the importance of showing respect to responsibilities in relation to him. While also respecting your own feelings. 

To dream that the animals are released in such a way, is a divine invitation to break out of your comfort zone allowing yourself to feel everything you are holding back. There is freedom in embracing how you are feeling, even if it is unpleasant. There is healing and growth that can take place, if you allow it.

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