Grandma’s House

My grandma died a couple of years ago after I had lived with her for 6 months. I came home and during the month I was gone she passed away cause something went wrong with her oxygen machine and she couldn’t breathe. I feel like you should know that before telling you the dream.

So I’ve been having these recurring dreams. They are always a little different but they are always at my grandmas house and she’s gone in these dreams – I know she has passed in these dreams. But the one thing that is always the same in the dreams is there is a ladder or stair case outside of where her bedroom is. This ladder leads to another room that never existed in real life. But it’s always there in her house in the dream. Most of the time there are other people around her house in the dream and I’m the only one who can get into this room. My grandma is usually in this room and if she isn’t a bunch of her things are. I never remember what she says or what specific items are there I just know they are hers.

So that’s the dream and I’ve had it more times than I can count since she passed away.

I was there to take care of her. I was only supposed to be there for a couple of weeks but I chose to stay longer cause she needed me to. I am spiritual – I’m kind of aware of energy, more aware as time goes on.  I’m glad to finally get to ask someone about this. I think about it a lot. And usually the lighting is normal. It’s when she isn’t there that it seems darker.She doesnt ever have her oxygen machine. So I guess she would seem healthier in that aspect. Sometimes I think she looks worried but other time she looks like she always did before she needed the oxygen machine. Pretty neutral and not surprised to see me.

Dreams are our subconscious minds’ way of trying to communicate with our conscious, waking self. Different symbols mean different things. The theme of your dream is very consistent, the need for closure on your grandma’s passing. I have written this out symbol by symbol to help you connect the dots.

Recurring dreams are the subconscious minds’ way of saying “Hey, this thing happened and I need closure” though there may be slight variations in the dream the message is consistent. To dream that you are in a house also represents your soul or subconscious mind. Specifically, to dream that you are in your grandma’s house who passed away also is a need for closure.

A staircase or ladder within a house, that is your grandmas who has passed away, to a room that is not normally there is a sign of enlightenment or spiritual/energy connection. This is a really strong message as you are the only one able to access this room. The fact that the house is darker when your grandma is not there represents the loss you are feeling. Whereas normal lighting when she is there is recognizing her energy.

I had asked you how your grandma looked in your dream if she was how you last saw her or healthier, happier etc. and you said she didn’t have her oxygen anymore, sometimes maybe worried but otherwise neutral.

Sometimes those who have passed on have an easier time connecting with us when we are sleeping. There are messages they are trying to tell us that we might be missing in our waking life.

Her no longer having oxygen is her way of trying to tell you that she is okay now. I’m sure you have had the thought of “If I had been there this wouldn’t have happened”. She wants you to know everything happened as it was meant to. She was ready to go and she didn’t want you to have to figure this out with her. If anything she is worried for you, and that you find peace, as she had control in when she left. She is needing for you to acknowledge what has happened and not take fault or blame or guilt from it. It is possible that you will still have this dream. There is a chance there is a message your Grandma is still trying to tell you that she hasn’t been able to yet.

Something that might be helpful would be to keep a notebook by your bed, and anytime you have a dream to write down anything that you remember. Even the most obscure or random details. All of these details connect to a bigger message.

Thank you this does help. And you hit spot on, I do feel guilty that I wasn’t there. I could have stayed and been there with her and I chose to be hours away instead. Even though she just wanted me to be happy and wasn’t upset that I wasn’t there, I still feel partially responsible for her death and I know she wouldn’t want that but I can’t help it. I am grateful for the 6 months I spent with her, I miss her a lot and wish she could have met my son.

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