I’m out

Someone and I were in a bedroom sitting on a bed, the blanket was a grayish color. Then we started hearing footsteps upstairs but we thought we were alone and for some reason, I got up and I had an old beat-up shoe..the shoe was so beat up that duck tape was holding it together and I started throwing it up at the ceiling to make noise so whoever was upstairs would hear and maybe stop walking around so I could sleep. The bedroom door was slightly open but I was near it that if I tilted my head a little bit I could look out..which I did once I stopped throwing the shoe at the ceiling(I did that about four times) and there was a guy standing there looking into to the room..he was in the kitchen(you could see the kitchen while looking out the bedroom) he was wearing black pants, black hoodie with the hood up and I believe he had like a bandana covering his face so all you could see was his eyes..he also had another black jacket on his finger that he was holding over his shoulder. The kitchen was lit up and you could see his shadow in front of him. I kinda got scared at first seeing him standing there when I looked out because I wasn’t expecting someone to be there. He said “I’m out” and walked out the door which was right next to him and as he was walking out I asked if he was coming back but he didn’t reply.

To dream that you are in a bedroom says this dream has to do with your own private thoughts or issues you are not comfortable discussing with other people. To be sitting on a bed represents an issue you are torn on. This is both not interested in doing anything about, yet thinking about taking action with a situation you have accepted for too long. It may also reflect hesitance or fear of standing up to a problem. Situations you have chosen to accept, live with, or do nothing about. The grey suggests sadness, depression, fear or confusion.

To dream of shoes that are worn and covered in duct tape represents your approach to life or a situation. How you approach a situation is not working anymore or not being good enough. Feeling forced to change your approach to a situation. Feelings that there is something wrong with your approach to a situation that can’t be fixed. Yet, also trying so hard to fix the issue (duct tape) but it is only temporary. The ceiling represents both intuition and limits you set for yourself- either consciously or subconsciously. Higher ceilings may reflect a sense of limitations being distant or that there is a lot that can be done. Lower ceilings may reflect an awareness of limitations being clear and present. The number 4 in a dream represents balance, stability, and sacrifice of negativity. When you see it in a dream it’s usually pointing to something negative in your life that is being removed. A removal of chaos or unpredictability.

To dream of an open door (from the bedroom to the kitchen) represents new opportunities or options ready or waiting for you. It may also reflect a new opportunity or change that has already been initiated. Noticing yourself doing something different in your life. Your own receptiveness to new ideas or new situations. Kitchens in dreams are often intuitive or prophetic in nature where anyone or anything you see in the kitchen symbolizes something that is about to happen.

I feel this person in the kitchen is not bad- just a part of your persona. Looking at all of these symbols that describe the person’s clothing- the color black represents imbalance and fears. Black most often reflects negative feelings such as fear or behaviors where there is a lack of moderation. Black may also represent a situation in your life where there is “nothing positive” happening at all.

You or someone else that is not being honest or being themselves. You or someone else that is pretending to act in a certain way. Concealing the truth or true emotions. The jacket over your shoulder represents your protectiveness and defensive persona- you are carrying a lot on your shoulders, but also trying to not let things get to you.

The shadow seen on the floor brings light on hidden aspects- it can reflect a problem you can’t help but think about. A darker aspect of your personality or life that you don’t like about yourself. Feeling unable to escape your negative past. Shadows may also reflect feelings about your past coming back to haunt you. Something about yourself that you don’t want to discuss with others.

The door that the person walks through but you assume is already open, but you don’t see suggests that you want to move on from things and not dwell on them. Additionally, you asking if the person is going to be coming back, suggests while you are trying to move on from things and not let them get to you, yet you are still holding onto the issue and you lack the closure from it.

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