Inner Child Meditation

Whenever I start to talk to someone about spiritual awareness, I suggest doing a guided meditation. This is a great way to begin opening yourself up to hearing, seeing and knowing. My favorite guided meditation for starting your healing journey is the Inner Child is by Jason Stephenson. You can do this 17-minute meditation dozens of times and it can be different each time. If you do a meditation over and over again and it is the exact same each time, or you are seeing the same memories or symbols you need to heal these moments. You need to learn from what you see. It is guided meaning my bro Jason Stephenson is going to walk you through what you are going to do which makes things easier when you are first learning. 

For this to go the best it can for you I would suggest you have a solid 20 minutes uninterrupted. I realize this is easier said than done mom of three with cats over here… but seriously. You will get so much more out of it if you are able to get into a meditative mindset. I would also suggest having a notebook or something you can write in for when it is done. I would encourage you to answer the questions to the best as you can, in as many details as possible. The more details you can provide, the more it will help you. I have the questions below the video but would suggest do you the video prior to reading the questions. If you read them first you will struggle to get into a meditative state as you will try too hard to remember the questions and what you want to answer.

Before you begin, have an open mind, and open heart. If you truly want to heal yourself- you need eyes to see and ears to hear.


If you want to comment your responses or email me for help seeing or hearing what you need to hear please do not hesitate. I would love to help you with this! 



Describe the scene you are at ex. Where are you? What is around you? Indoors or Outdoors? Is it well lit or dim? 

Describe the child what are they wearing? Are they in play clothes or fancier attire?

Describe the child emotions

Was your child looking up or looking down?

What happened when you greeted the child?

Did your child allow you to spend time together?

What did you see through your child’s eyes? 

What sounds did your child feel?

What did your child feel?

What does your child like to do?

What worries does your child have?

What are your child’s fears?

What does your child want you to know?

Does your child come with you?


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