How to: Add text to your photos

How do you add text to your photos?

Here is a quick walk-through on how I add text to my photos on Instagram or Facebook etc. on my smartphone.I get this question a lot! I am going to just show you the basics of how you can do it. ~enjoy~

Step one:

Download Phonto Google Play Store


Step two:

Once it has downloaded, open it up. This is what you will see! Click the area I have circled.


You will have the option to load a new image or use a plain image. If I am adding text onto a photo or a look I have done I will click the top one, Load new image from device, circled below.


Step three:

Much wow. My image has loaded, we are ready to add the text! You will see at the top a pen or pencil… I don’t know. Some type of writing utensil. Click that little guy.


Once you click the little writing utensil you will see this little pop up. This is where you will type your stuff and things. You can click the “Align: Left” to change how the text is (left, right, center)


and you and click “Font” to change the font. Wow much font. So many options. Much like.


Step four:

I have my text now! Check out all of these options. Much wow.


  • Text: change your text
  • Font: change your font
  • Size: change your font size
  • Tilt: change the text (vertical, horizontal, at an angle etc)
  • Move: self explanatory
  • We are going to click STYLE, this is where things get zazzy…

Step five: 

The first thing we are changing under style is the text color. You can scroll through the colors. Much options. Much excite.


Once you have your color picked out, we are going to click where it says “TEXT COLOR” this is going to pull up a menu like so…


We are going to select Stroke, this is going to add some fanciness around your lettering.

Step six:

Fanciness. Chose your color first, make sure it is different from the text color. We are adding this to make the text stand out. Example: White text with Black Stroke. You don’t want to hurt the eyes.


For show I did white text with purple…. change the WIDTH to 003. Idk this is what I always use. Go with it.


Step seven:

much wow. save dat photo.


I hope this helps! This is the kind of thing that you will have to play around with because there is so much you can do within this app. The “text border” was my most common question so that is what I addressed. If you have more questions comment so I can help you out!


<3 L


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