Happy birthday mom!

Today is my mom’s birthday!
My mom really didn’t like when people did what I am doing right now.
This was one of those, “When I’m gone you better not” moments.

My mom wouldn’t want you to be sad.
Smile. Laugh. Joke.
She does not want anyone to sit around being a sad sack of potatoes feeling sorry for themselves.
Do something today that she would make her smile.
Do something today that would make her laugh.
Can’t you hear her say, “Now THAT’S funny!”
Eat a hostess cupcake and count the number of swirls. There should be eight… or is it seven?

Olivia went to bed excited for Grammys birthday.
This morning she, and Avery questioned why the “Happy Birthday” sign was not up in the window.
Olivia relayed the following;
Olivia “Um mom. Why isn’t the sign in the window? Grammy is having her birthday party in Heaven with Jesus but we can say Happy birthday….”
Avery “Oh I got it” Avery went to the drawer where we keep the sign. Avery and I put the sign up as Dominick brought the girls to school.

Do something today that would make her proud of you.
Do something today you have been avoiding or putting off.

When you get a moment, remember to dance. This is always a good choice:

If you knew my mom well enough you will understand the significance of this song. If you don’t, I would love to share it with you. O

This song has more significance to me day by day.
Today is a new day.
This is what she wants you to hear.

Happy birthday mom! I love you!!

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