Isolation- Throat

Today we are focused on the throat-chakra. At the core of the throat chakra is our ability to communicate with the world around us and what “truths” we are speaking. Today I want to look at the difference in isolation and solitude.

When you live a life of speaking your truth, you live a life of solitude.  Solitude is a place where you can be still with your thoughts. Meditation is a great way to bring solitude to your life. Reflecting on our truth brings great healing. Solitude is a place where we can come to terms with situations we have no control over. We can be in each moment just as it is.

Isolation happens when we do not speak our truth, and we create delusions of our reality.  Isolation makes excuses for lack of participation or involvement in the present moment. Isolation is a lonely place where the mind is frantically searching for peace but it has created a wall of lies and delusions. Isolation does not find peace in being alone, nor does isolation take the time to meditate. Isolation is aware of the delusions they have created and rather than try to resolve them, they are alone. Isolation is toxic and pollutes those around us. Even though your heart knows the difference, what you speak, creates your reality, even if based off of delusions or lies you have spoken of.

Are you speaking about reality or are you speaking of delusions? Your heart knows the answer. If you are in a season of isolation, take a moment to acknowledge how you created this life. It is easy to point the finger at others but we are in control of what we communicate to others. Acknowledge the reality you have created. Breathe life into others by communicating the truth and you will find solitude. You’ve got all you need in each passing moment. It’s never too late.


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