Gratitude- Intuition

Today focuses on our intuition or our third-eye-chakra. We are going to explore our relationship with gratitude.

Every morning,  and every evening, I spend 15 minutes writing. There is so much good our day has to offer and if we don’t take the time to see the smallest victories, we lose focus on what is most important. A life with gratitude in the driver’s seat is most fulfilling.

Our family has a gratitude jar we have been using for almost three years now. At the end of the day, we write something we were most grateful for – something that stood out.  I admit it is all too easy to get caught up in misfortune.  If it was a bad day, you don’t get a pass, you have to find at least one good thing that happened it your day. For every negative thing that happens in your day, write three positive things big or small.  Look for the good.


Daily renewals are meant to be utilized as ten-minute writing prompts for self-discovery. The colors are in relation to chakras. More information can be found here: Enlightenment

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