Mind – Abundance


I rarely have cash or coins, even when I was working full-time as a hairstylist. I would go to the bank so often it made me dizzy.  There is always the ability to transfer money via Paypal/Vemo etc has been a wonderful thing. You are probably wondering where I am going with all of this… If you have coins, cash etc. place it in front of you. Observe the year. Have you ever considered how many other souls have handled this money? Transference of money also transfers energy. What do you think their relationship with money was like? Most importantly, what is your relationship with money like?  If time or money wasn’t the issue, what is your biggest dream? No dream is too silly or far out- be open with yourself. Close your eyes and see yourself in this dream. See this coming to life. How does this feel? What do you see? What do you hear?  You can make this dream come to pass. It’s all about letting go of past regrets and opening yourself up to the gratitude of abundance. Set your mind free.

Daily renewals are meant to be utilized as ten-minute writing prompts for self-discovery. The colors are in relation to chakras. More information can be found here: Enlightenment

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